Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Sex (and more)

So, remember my post about The Sex the other day? I've gotten a lot of responses. Mostly in private messages. And all of it awesome! (oh and p.s., at the bottom of that post, there has been a recurring ad for "Cougar Life." I'm just gonna say that at 29, I have a long way to go until I'm a cougar thankyouverymuch)

Anyway, I won't divulge anyone's name. For one, not everyone wants to broadcast their lives on the All Humiliation Network like I do. Two, this is still a sensitive subject. The Sex, casual sex, unmarried sex, and masturbation still carry some taboos and it seems that the subject has really resonated. Here a couple of my fave responses:

This is from a gal in her early twenties:

"Let's just say that I have a VERY NICE relationship with my vibrator. I got mine when I was 21 and have fallen in love with it. Them. I have three (hehe). And I love it! I love not having to depend on a man for sexual pleasure. I've been doing 'it' for oohhh lets just say 100 years and I throughly enjoyed them all. Some good, most adequate. Why? Guys know squat about sex and pleasuring a woman. I mean seriously, get it together people! Stop watching main stream porn and pay attention to your lady (or men). She is just more than tits and an ass. There are other parts! ANYWAYS, oh yes, me+vibrator=eternal love. Sometimes, it can be better than a boyfriend. If I am not in the mood, it won't be mad. It can go on for as long (or short) as I want to AND it comes in different colors. It's all about diversity. Don't get me wrong, sex can be eternal bliss but your vibrator... it won't get mad or jealous or rebelious. It just loves you back."

Well, said, my friend. Well said.

This is from a guy in his late twenties:

"It is wonderful for you to put it into words. I've always been closer to females than males, but something most males will not do is be honest about their feelings. So as a person, I really do appreciate this blog. I hope it sparks some good and enlightening conversation from both men and women...The thing I will say I've learned is that yes it is a good thing to know when to "take charge" but you also have to be willing to listen to your partner. It does not matter how much your last partner may have thought you were the best. You need to make sure you make your current partner feel like he or she is special and the only one that matters to you."

I can't tell you how refreshing it is to hear a guy's honest perspective that is so respectful and astute. Not that men can't be astute, but in regards to women? That's a little more challenging to find.

Keep talking about The Sex, kiddos!

So, I leave for Los Angeles today and off to New Orleans in the morning (woot!). Posting will be light over the next week and a half as internet access will be limited, but I'll try to post as much as possible. Pictures when I return!

In the meantime, just hold in your mind this picture of me dominating the chop saw last year:

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