Saturday, March 20, 2010


I have this friend/coworker Coco. Coco is a genius. I know, because she just finished her MBA. See? Genius.

I've known Coco a little over 2 years now and I think I've come to know her somewhat well in that time, especially through the stressful times or the big events. But even so, as I type, I can't decide that, if by doing a post all about her, Coco will be annoyed, embarrassed, or totally amused. I'm hoping for the latter.

Most days, Coco is my comic hero. I say most days because I generally only see her Monday through Friday (unless we work weekends) and I do have a few other comic heroes. Most of them are handsomely paid and I see them on TV. So you can see how lucky my office is to have our very own comic actress to entertain us and make us laugh.

Coco coins many funny phrases, which I am constantly stealing and working into my vocabulary. It's not always intentional. I just pick it up. The other day she coined the term "thunder douche," which I am absolutely itching to use in context. Someday soon, Internet, I will be able to describe to you a real live Thunder Douche (copyright Coco) and all will be well in the world.

Speaking of copyrights, I'm contemplating designing a copyright symbol for Coco so I can use her phrases freely and ethically. Maybe something resembling the Chanel symbol but with two "o"s as well. After all, before I met her, the only other Coco I knew of was Coco Chanel. So it seems only fitting.

I'd also like to take this moment to set the Inernetverse straight one on point. Sad Panda. I have heard this used now by all sorts of unlikely people, first on Twitter, then by bloggers from all over. I have no idea how this term is spreading like wildfire, but it is. Soon, we'll hear it on Modern Family and Coco won't have collected a dime.

Because, dear Internet, Coco started Sad Panda. It comes from a story. That happened to her. And I can't tell the story. For one, only she can tell it and I would never do it justice. And two, well, I would mess it up. But it involves a pretty droopy panda costume with squeakers in the hands and the full range of emotions the panda conveys with said squeakers (read: happy and sad). Thus: Sad Panda. I'm not saying you have to stop using it, Internet, just use the Coco copyright (patent pending).

And I cannot forget to mention the videos. If it weren't for Coco, I would never see so many genius, ridiculous, hilarious, disturbing, and deliciously wrong videos that she sends my way.

She shared this video with me not that long after I'd met her and it has provided much vocal fodder to annoy our other coworkers with. In fact, we're constantly bugging our coworkers with our tendency to quote movies at whim and giggle at said quoting in the middle of meetings. We're very grownup.

I dare you to watch this only once. I dare you to watch this and not have the urge to quote it like crazy.

In fact, I may just dress as Irma next Halloween. "Ah ah Ah ah Irma's gonna go nuts! Dundun Dundun!" "LOOK AT YOU, IRMA! LOOKATYOU!"

And for good measure (and just to bug Coco): squishy bulldogs and flying killer whales!

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