Saturday, March 27, 2010

Love Song Sunday (Saturday edition): Willow

So, I realize it's not Sunday, but Sunday morning, I'll be on a plane to New Orleans, so please forgive the early post.

I just cannot believe I have waited this long to share something from Priscilla Ahn. This woman, this musician, this song writer, this singer, she rocks my whole world. I adore her. Her voice is so incredibly melodic, I could just swim in it, floating lazily on my back and dreaming as she sings.

This song is also incredible. It's both sweet and slightly sad. The imagery is so vivid and her willowy voice just adds to the motif. You don't need a music video with actors and drama, no art direction. Just Priscilla, a guitar, her lovely voice, and the lyrics. It's perfection.

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