Sunday, March 21, 2010

Love Song Sunday: The Limit To Your Love

Today I'm sharing a song by Feist. And I think I can safely say that I adore this woman and the magnetism that is her music with the fire of my soul. Her voice is completely intoxicating. And I pretty much love every song I've ever heard of hers. Love her love her love her.

There were several songs of hers that I contemplated sharing. They're all certainly excellent. And I could've chosen one with a produced music video. But this song simply insinuated itself upon me, haunting me. It practically forced itself on me. Rapist song.

I'm also sharing two videos of the same song. The first is a homemade video (not by me), but the sound quality is good and you get the full song. The second is the best I could find of her live as far as image and sound quality, but you don't get the full song. But it's worth it just to watch her perform. She's magical.


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