Sunday, March 7, 2010

Love Song Sunday: Day Too Soon

Oh boy. I was going to share a different song this Sunday, by a completely different artist. I had it all planned. But life always defies planning, does it not? A couple of days ago, I downloaded a Sia album that I'd been wanting for a while. And this song immediately spoke to me and wormed its charmant way into my little heart.

Pee to the ess, if you've never heard of Sia, check her out this instant! She's known for her more famous song Breathe Me (which is also lovely), but all of her music is quite fantastic.

Anyway, back to the song: Day Too Soon. Watch the veedeo. Listen to all the words. Do it. And then you'll have shared a corner of my heart, de mon coeur, for approx. 3.55 minutes. I really mean that. ♥

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