Friday, May 14, 2010

Random Thoughts of a Crazy Lady

When you Facebook stalk your cousin's ex-fiance and his new(er) wife, you come to the conclusion that he's pretty much a loser and your cousin did, in fact, do the right thing by breaking things off with the douche (not that you had any doubt, but this confirms it). And you lose any and all guilt over leaving him that very mean note you duck taped to his passed out, drunk face back in 2002 when he took your parking spot, which in Hollywood, is a very, very serious offense. Kinda wish that had done the trick and scared him off back then. It would have saved my cousin like 5 years of grief.

A very well-respected citizen of my community and someone I had thought very highly of was arrested recently for something truly awful. I have no idea how to reconcile the person I know and like and respect with this person he's accused of being. Breaks my heart.

One week! Love Interest will be here in one week. To see me. I have many things planned. Some of them even outside of my bed. Aren't you proud of me? (hi, Dad!)

I am in sticker shock by how much it costs to move. Do you know how much? Much more than it costs to feed a starving child in Somalia for 10 years (roughly. I rounded.), I tell ya what. May have to reassess just how much of my shit I need to sell to make this happen.

I am helping my two friends Corgan move tomorrow. I need to find them appropriate housewarming gifts. I have an idea of what to buy The Corey (but have no clue how to buy certain sporting goods), but am at a loss for Morgan. Help!

Promised pictures of the flowers that grow on the tall beanstalky looking plants near my house. Et voila:

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