Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Life List update

 I have been working on my Life List and I have some new editions.

A few of you gave kind words that 34 was a very ambitious list for one of my age and I was content to stop at 34 and add more as the years progressed. However, my much younger friend Claud sent me her list which is MUCH longer than 34 and then I felt like I had to step up my game. Because no way is a sweet little 23 year old gonna top me. Nope, no way. That said, her list was full of the awesome sauce so I stole a few ideas and changed them to suit me.

Soooo (drum roll please) here are more items. More to come and I'll keep you updated as I go. I think I want to get the list to 50 for now.
  1. Learn how to make sushi
  2. Have sex in a public place
  3. Learn how to play poker properly (I get the gist, okay, but I get confused with the betting part)
  4. Learn how to pole dance (and then do it, maybe not in public though)
  5. Spend a night (or more) on a private island
  6. Take my girlfriends to a spa for a weekend and pay for the entire trip
  7. Pet a tiger. Seriously. I so want to do this.
  8. Go snorkling again (yeah, I went in Costa Rica, but it wasn't great. and I didn't get to snorkle in Hawaii. so this makes it on the list)
  9. Wax my hooha into some crazy Hollywood-type pattern just for scuz
  10. Learn how to play a video game (Okay, don't laugh, but I wasn't allowed to play ANY video games as a child. My mom was crazy, whatever. Shut up. So I have no talent for it and am subsequently terrified I'll make a fool of myself or kill my character so many times that I will never be allowed to play again. Isn't that how it works?)

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