Thursday, December 3, 2009

imbecilic barbie doll

Stupid people make me crazy. It astounds me just how stupid the majority of people really are. And I don't just mean uneducated. There are plenty of those people and they...well, I just don't understand those who don't desire education. But, that's not who I mean. I mean dumber than a box of hair, dumber than a bag of rocks, a few fries short of a happy meal stupid.

The number one mistake stupid people make is the assumption that they are actually smart. Ignorance must truly be bliss, because most stupid people seem to ride in a bubble of presumed superior intelligence. And this bubble, now matter how hard you try to pop with your intelligence pin, will not, under any circumstances, pop. Never. Nope. It's impenetrable. Plus, I really like to say impenetrable.

For instance, I would really enjoy it if Stupid Internet Girl would realize her own overt stupidity. But this will never happen. When she responded to me with "what are you trying to say? ipso facto isn't a word," it was clearly too much for her to crack a dictionary to find the definition of ipso facto. But no, that is too much to ask. She didn't know the phrase, so ipso facto (love that?), it must not exist. I picture her twirling her blond locks and smacking her bubble gum lips and thinking (though that must be ever so painful for her) THAT girl is stooopiiid.

And I know, in the core of my being, that my response to her with the definition of ipso facto will not even register. The bubble cannot be popped, remember? Cannot be done. So my little pin will bounce right off. And she will go on her merry way.

Perhaps tomorrow, as she gazes into a mirror during a college class that she is taking for the third time, a poor teacher somewhere in the room, his blurry reflection in her compact, blending into the background, sounding like an adult in Peanuts, she will arch one perfect brow, apply a fourth layer of gloss, lean over to the douche with sideburns down to his navel, so much hair product you could baste a turkey, and two gallons of Axe, while he draws skulls in his book, trying to decide his next tat, and she'll whisper entirely too loud, "guess what this stupid bitch thought was a real word yesterday?" And perhaps she will whisper entirely too loudly. And it won't matter because most of the class won't get it. They're as stupid as she. But, along with our ignored teacher, of course, one lone student, the kind that sits in the front and always does the reading, always has the answers, the one the rest of the class hates because she sets the curve, will hear her and she'll laugh at the imbecilic barbie doll.

And all will be right with the world.

The end.

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Lynnette said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

They use ipso facto in a Monty Python song, guess they make up words too ;-) (strange that you made up the same word though). After typing this I realize that it is not the girls fault that she is dumb, she is just of the spell check generation, (as I type this ipso facto is underlined in red) they think that if a word is not in spell check it does not exist. They know nothing of these dictionaries that you speak of (but know they exist because they are not underlined in red).

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