Sunday, December 27, 2009

Photo of the Day: Old Woman

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I have been wanting to photograph this beautiful old tree since I moved to my small town almost 5 years ago. It's in the middle of a big field with really no vehicle access so it would take an effort to get there. And last weekend, the light was perfect, so I finally did. I walked my ass on out there with my cameras and I shot the hell out of it. I also got catcalled in the process.

Douche in an eighties muscle car: "YOW! What's a sweet thing like you doing walking out here? YOW! Hey! Baby! HEY!"
Me: Ignore. Ignore. Ignore. Don't make eye contact. Just keep walking. Ignore.

Nevertheless, I made it and I'm so glad. The tree really is gorgeous. Here's another angle:
Mmm. Don't you love it? It's dying now and just holding onto the remnants of what was once majestic and vivacious. This tree reminds me of an old woman. Still beautiful even in her dried, darkened branches that don't sit quite as high as they once did, aren't full of bright leaves anymore. But she's beautiful nonetheless, only in a different way now. You know she's been there a long time, has seen some things. And now she sits alone, in a field, no one noticing, no living things climbing her branches. Her solitude makes her beautiful even at the end of her days.

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