Sunday, July 7, 2013

How is it July already?

I didn't come to post today with any clear plan of what to talk about. I just haven't posted in like weeks and weeks because I've been totally way busy with life and work and travel and, while I certainly can't complain about that, I did miss writing.

I haven't even posted photos over at Double A Photography in forever because I haven't even had time to edit and upload all the images I have dawdling on my computer. I have more photos of nature than I could possibly know what to do with. You're getting some here today. You're welcome.

Anyway, when I haven't written in a while, I start to feel a little manic, a little crazy. I get all cranky because I don't feel right, like I'm not quite in my body. Inevitably, it's because I haven't made time to download my brain in writing. That and I get all social burn out. I totally had that this week.

Two weekends ago, Eminem and I spent the weekend in the Colombia Gorge hiking and eating and wandering and being awesome.

Real live Bald Eagle we saw at a bird show at Skamania Lodge

Then last weekend, we went to Idaho for a wedding, where I learned that 104 degree dry summers aren't exclusive to inland Southern California. We lounged by the pool and drank some drinkies and got just sunburned enough to show our battle scars but not too much that we would be miserable on the flight home. Win! 

At the wedding.
My sunglasses don't fit my face because my *real* sunglasses broke and I had to buy gas station ones.
Then the next day, I had to go white water rafting for "research," as in my company is going to do a corporate trip and it was my duty to see what it was all about. Poor me. I might be totally lucky to have found a job again that lets me do fun things. Knock on wood!

Me on the back left side there. With the slightly sunburned arm.
I have to say, though, by the time July 4th rolled around, I was damned tired. I was also a little sore from rafting. So I was glad to have a mellow day of sitting around and eating food with just my man and I was even a little testy and cranky to him. Poor guy. There just comes a point where I can't talk any more. Not even one word.

I might also have been a bit hormonal because I took my bc pill like way off schedule during all my traveling and so I started my period just the teeniest bit, but enough to remember the uterus crushing horror that are the cramps one gets when her lady parts are a three ring circus run by the animals.

So by Friday night, when most of my friends were enjoying their 4 day weekend with drinks and social social time, I was curled up with my cat in bed, eating junk food, and enjoying the brilliance that is Sherlock. Damn that show is brilliant.

And then Eminem and I spent the weekend not much differently. We ran a few errands and then planted ourselves firmly on our asses and moved only to eat and hydrate. It was glorious. It takes a special man to share an entire weekend of laziness with you. I love that man.

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