Thursday, December 24, 2009

Photo of the Day: Berry Christmas

I was told recently that this photo would make a good holiday card. So, here you are, Internet, a holiday card just for you! I shot this last weekend whilst tromping around my town, taking advantage of the grey light and taking as many photos as I could. What I love about this photo is it was one of the last I took because my camera's batteries were getting tired. So it's slightly blurry and I think that makes the berries look that much more sumptuous. Pretty sure you can't eat them though. Oh well.

Happy Holidays everyone. If you celebrate christmas, may you have a very (as the Brits say) happy christmas. If not, enjoy the day off work. Unless you work in a Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Indian (well, you get the idea) restaurant. Then, enjoy the extra business from those who don't celebrate or don't cook. Or thought they could cook and learned a hard lesson. Either way, have a good day.

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