Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My First Giveaway, otherwise entitled: I'm a Big Kid Now!

Guess what?

No guess again.

Nope. Try again.

Nope. Guess again.

Give up?

Okay I'll tell you!

You are so lucky, my kiddos, because yours truly is participating in a giveaway! I know I gave you a little hint about this on Monday, but it is not officially ON!

When Alex from Late Enough asked me to make her a custom order, I jumped on it. But then it took me forever to find the right pieces and I wanted it to be just right.

THEN she told me she'd decided to review it on the new website This Blogger Makes Fun of Stuff and wondered if maybe we could do a giveaway.

Well my first thought was hell yes! And my second was oh my crap what if she hates it?

Well I put my heart and soul on the line anyway and turns out? She didn't hate it! Hoorah!

So get your skinny fannies over there and read Alex's super sweet review and get in on the giveaway.

Only way you'll ever get a freebie from me unless you're family and it's your birthday or something. HAH! Just kidding.

Okay, not kidding, but it's because I need your money. Now don't you feel badly?


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