Sunday, August 8, 2010

Love Song Sunday: Dreams

Oh boy was it another tough time to pick out a song this Sunday. I knew I wanted to share a little Brandi Carlile today. Brandi and I have been having a not so secret love affair for some time now. I am madly in love with her voice. So throaty and raw and powerful. mmmm. If you don't love on Brandi Carlile, get on that.

So anyway, I really wanted to share a song off of her first album that was very much about self-love and feels so empowering to me. Buuuut, I couldn't find a decent video. Then there was another with a kickass video, but felt too maudlin for me today. And I feel far from maudlin.

What I needed was a compromise. Something that's not about perfection. Because love is never perfect. A little sadness always accompanies the journeys of the heart. And inner strength is the lining of hellos and goodbyes. So, in the end? Dreams are what you have.


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