Friday, April 2, 2010

SORE (said like Oprah)

What a week, y'all. What. A. Week. I can't believe the work week is over here in New Orleans, but my body can. I am sore. So sore. Sore in my thighs. Sore in my big ghetto booty (more on that later). Sore in my back. Sore in my biceps. Sore in whatever muscle is in your forearm (anyone know?). Sore in my neck. SORE. (picture me as Oprah shouting to her audience). And you're sore and you're sore and everybody's SO-OOORE!

Is it just me or is sore starting to sound like a crazy word? Oh, Oprah.

Thursday was an immensely satisfying day. Up until then (as I wrote earlier), I was working with others in the same house on the base boards and window trim and caulking all that. CAULK! (sorry, couldn't resist). Well, Thursday we painted it ALL. We took out all the doors and painted those and then painted the interior, from those base boards to the closets to the ceilings. I used detail brushes and wide brushes and rollers. It was a blast and it was hard. My arms were aching and my things were going on strike from crouching in small spaces. And I was covered in paint. Paint on my arms, on my back, on my clothes, covering my hands. Later, when I took a shower, I found this massive clump of paint behind my ear. How that got there, I can only imagine. When the painting was complete and secod coats applied, we brought in all the doors and said goodbye to our house. We had done all we could do before the cabinetry and flooring and I have to say it is so cool to get a house so close to completion in such a short time.

The gal who is getting that house is moving in next week. She has cancer and this house has been coming to her since last October (a typical Habitat house takes a couple of months). So it's so rewarding to know that we were a part of finally getting her into her home.

Last night we went to eat in the French Quarter and I ate fried alligator tail and crawfish etouffee. And OHEMGEE it was DE-LISH-UUUS! I lurve Cajun Food. Not just like. Love. My lover, The Shower, may have to move over to make room for Cajun Food. Or maybe The Shower and Cajun Food and I can have a polyamorous relationshiop. Scandalous.

Then we went to a cool jazzy bar and listened to the Young Fellaz Brass Band and danced a little. One guy who was dancing with (I assume) his girlfriend accidentally bumped into me. So to apologize (which he didn't need to), he grabbed me and led me around the dance floor. I have to say, it was fun and that kid could DANCE. And I think he was surprised that I could hold my own. When we finished, he girl thanked me profusely, which I thought was hilarious. I guess I did her a favor.

The party girl in our group, Jen, didn't want to leave as early as the rest of us (because we were tired, yo, and we had to work Friday too) and she was a driver, so we tried to squeeze into one minivan rental. Which is where we find me, determined to sit on the floor of the minivan, between the two middle captains seats, something I did often as a teen. Imagine my old ass surpise when my big old ghetto ass wouldn't fit between the seats! Dudes, I have clearly underestimated the size of my ass up until now. I really thought I would fit! No worries though. We all squeezed in. But I may need to start buying more Juicy Couture to maximize my ghettolicious my booty. I apologize for unproperly accessorizing my ass up until now.

Of course, if I eat any more down here, I may upgrade from ghettolicious to bedonkedonk. Just you wait.

Today I woke up feeling like ass (because I'm an old lady and I need my sleep), but I powered through. We worked at a super cool not for profit called The Green Project, which started as a paint swapping program because New Orleans has no toxic waste disposal system. And now the repurpose all sorts of materials that are old, donated, or salvaged such as lumber and light fixtures, doors, windows, sinks, bathtubs, you name it. Then they sell it on the cheap. They are seriously short staffed as they barely make enough back for operating costs, but they provide such a vaulable and much needed service to this community. Plus, the place was SO COOL (pictures soon!) and the staff was super fun to work with. They are in serious need for volunteers, so if you make it down this way, try to spend a day there helping out. They'll reward you with "freezy pops." 

My team spent the day in the humid Nawlins sun organizing lumber and removing nails and staples to make it usable. Meeting locals as they came in looking for wood all day was amazing and the work was literally back breaking.

Aside: if I hear anyone ever again accuse construction workers of stupidity, I will punch you in the neck. This work requires constant thought, technique, and the ability to think quickly. You have to keep yourself safe while maximizing your strength and utilizing basic physics. It's hard work.

Needless to say, I feel like I am falling apart now. My back is sunburnt and I already mentioned how effing sore I am. But today was the last day of work. THE LAST DAY OF WORK! It was fun but I am glad to be done (and my body is grateful). Let the fun commence! Going out to hear more jazz in the Quarter tonight and then tomorrow I head with two friends to our hotel where I'll spend the next several days touristing it up. I still have tons more to eat and a few things I want to buy. But mostly I'm excited to spend time down here on a vacation.

Seriously. I get to relax. Did you hear me? Relax. Re-lax. Re to the motherfucking lax, y'all.

I have no idea if I'll have internet access after tomorrow. If not, dear Internet, just picture me with a Po Boy in my hand strolling the Quarter with my camera.

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