Sunday, April 18, 2010

Love Song Sunday: For Emma, Forever Ago

So I realize that the last few Love Song Sundays have been quite an estrogenfest. Well, estrofest no longer, Internet, for this sunday I bring you a very delicious man, Bon Iver, and his very male band. Bon Iver makes me heart go pitter pat and toes tingle.

I really hope you enjoy this. It's unconventional, which means I lurve it. And love songs aside, because it's more about lost love than a sweet or optimistic love song, try and enjoy what's going on musically in this video. This was produced for La Blogoteque and just gives me warm fuzzy nostalgia for Paris. But what comes to mind watching this is a true feel for street music with almost organic, improvisational performative qualities.

Plus, I love the French guy at the beginning who does not understand why they are about to play music in his building, but is doing his best to be polite (contrary to what Americans think, the French are VERY polite). Watch this in full screen if you can, and all 8 minutes too. It's worth it in my view.

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