Sunday, April 25, 2010

Love Song Sunday: Let It Be Me

Since I seem to be all about the mixing it up on Love Song Sunday, I bring to you today...a DUET! Hacha! Watchout! This girl is on FIYA!

Okay, okay. Settle down.

This is a duet by Rosie Thomas and Ed Harcourt. This is my absolute favorite song of Rosie's. I often find myself skipping right to it on the album because it's so full of sweet sunshine and happiness rainbows. Plus I lurve duets done right.

I have no idea what the history of this song is and I'm not about to spread celebrity gossip when I have no clue what I'm talking about. Suffice to say that Rosie Thomas is married now and it isn't to Ed Harcourt. But let's just forget all that and enjoy this loverly song as it is. There is absolutely no video here. Just a photo of Rosie and the song. And I couldn't find any live footage of it, so whatevers. We can deal, right, Internet?

May this song make your heart smile as it has mine. Enjoy!

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