Thursday, October 29, 2009

Literal Hurl


So, I awoke violently this morning at about 2:30 am feeling like my stomach was eating itself. The pain was excruciating. I can't even. So I noshed on some dry wheat pasta (because that always settles my stomach) and fell asleep out of pure exhaustion about an hour later, but still feeling queasy. Nonetheless, I still drug my ass to work today and muddled my way through a queasy haze until almost 2, when I gave up and went home. Defeated by the quease.

So I have been curled in bed since then, nibbling on crackers and watching Hulu and Watchmen (so not the movie I thought it would be! GREAT political satire!) and am still pretty queasy. What gives? What the hell is up with my belly? Is it something I ate? Couldn't be. I can't think of anything crazy or new that I ate that would make me sick. Or maybe it's stress, except what the hell do I have to be stressed about? My BIG EVENT is over, my car is in the shop, money is a little tight, but I'm managing. So what the hell? Or maybe this is latent stress? My stomach wanted to be sick 2 weeks ago and is giving in now. That makes sense. Once I calm down, then it hits. Fucking typical.

Or maybe I've caught a little bug of some kind. Ugg. I despise being sick. Besides the fact that my mother is a crazy hypochondriac who drug me to the doctor for every tiny thing and thus making me hate medicine and doctors and hospitals, I also feel weak and out of control when I'm sick. And for an admitted control freak, that's the worst feeling. It takes me out of the driver's seat of my life and puts me at the whim of whatever sick is plaguing me. And that pisses me the hell off. I like to drive, dammit. Me. So there.

I just hope that after a good night's sleep tonight, I'll feel better and can work work work tomorrow and then have a fabu time this weekend. Did you forget what this weekend is?? How dare you. You couldn't have. It's Halloween! Woohoo! I can't wait to post pictures of my costume. I am a Halloween genius. Or a Halloween goddess. Either one. Or both. Whatever.

Don't laugh. You love it.

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