Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ba Da Da

So I am two days away from the BIG EVENT I keep talking about. I'll be going Friday from 8 in the am to 10 pm-ish and Saturday from 7:30 am-ish to 12:30ish Sunday morning. (I think "ish" makes everything funnier). Needless to say, I'm still sucking down vitamins and I'm all stocked on tylenol cold just in case. The great thing about these events is the free food (which can be a detriment if you go crazy) and the free caffeine. I will be so uber caffeinated ALL weekend long, I probably won't even notice if something goes wrong. Maybe I'll speed up so fast that everything else will be slow-mo. That should be a trip to remember.

Really though, while I'm super swamped with preparations (in fact, I am mid-work right now, trying to complete a seating chart), the freight train is going with or without me. So, I'm way past the stressed stage and just trying to stay on the train. Now comes the fun part, just stay calm, have fun, and stay caffeinated. That's the trick. I just have to make sure all the final details are set, all the supplies ready to go, and plaster a smile on face only 6 and a half years in braces could make. Kachow!

Posting will be pretty nonexistent for a while (unless I suffer some insomnia over the next few nights), so if you get bored, you could always watch one of my favorite TV shows like Glee or Fringe or Arrested Development.

Or you could watch one of my favorite artists sing a song that makes me smile in my heart and then, when you have sufficiently fallen in love with Ingrid, go watch the Way I Am video. It's pure magic.

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