Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Autumn Falling

Autumn is arriving! MMMMM! It's all brisk and blustery outside and just chilly enough for a sweater and it's supposed to be decently cool tomorrow too. I can barely contain myself, despite the havoc that all this crisp and lovely wind is wreaking on my allergies. Who cares that my sinuses fell like the 405 freeway at rush hour (sorry for those outside of So Cal. The 405 is the world's longest parking lot. 'nuf said.). Who cares that my head feels like the inside of a drum at a death metal concert. I don't! You know why? Yes you do. You do! It's autumn!!!!

And I was going to go for a jog tonight (tube topage still happening on Saturday), but opted for indoor pilates followed by a large mug of mint tea which is currently being enjoyed under the cozy cocooniness of my most cozy comforter (hot damn! I love alliteration. and that all came out on its own!). By the way, I so need a new cover for this comforter. It's all old and getting dingy and has a nail polish stain on it which I'm sure a forensic investigator will feel compelled to test one day. But it's still warm and cozy and it makes the sound of the wind in the trees outside my window that much more delicious.

Good god whoever that is I love this season. You can feel the change in the air and it makes everything feel crisp and new and hopeful. Plus I love Halloween. Last weekend a bunch of us got together for a pumpkin carving party at the Farm. And while I do admit hanging out with all the happy couples and their happy children and happy puffy-cheeked babies did make me want to carve a noose out of my pumpkin, I did have fun. And the kids couldn't have cares less about the pumpkins. They had their own elaborate and very critical and immediate games to play involving pez and a cold hot tub (yes I recognize the oxymoronic nature of that, but kids games are intricate and don't have time to ponder oxymorons.. The adults, however, had a blast and here is the final result:

Don't ya love it? I love how creepy this is even though some of those pumpkins are super goofy and cute. See the one with the big, flirty anime eyes? That one is Mo's and it's pretty much my favorite. She's like the little coquette pumpkin, the little slut of the bunch. You can see how I would like that right? She's like me. Wait. What?

And here is my pumpkin (I made a little one too, but that photo didn't turn out):

It's a star pumpkin because I'm a supastar. WATCHOUT! *sizzle*

Anywayyyyy, so I'm excited for fall and it's keeping the ever-increasing desire to move more northward at bay. But I get to go to San Fran again this December for work (woot!) and possibly Oregon for Christmas to see one of my other besty of besties Lynn. So my butt will get to see better places if only for a bit.

And in that sentiment, here is a lady I love, Missy Higgins, singing "Going North" (natch). This song is gorgeous and captures how I'm feeling perfectly.

And I'm off to explore every boundary and every door.

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