Thursday, May 26, 2011

Raw Photos: Springtime WINNER!

We hemmed. We hawed. We deliberated. In the end, there were a few standout shots that made us go

And we chose our winner.

But first! The runners up. These shots were incredible and you really brought your game. You truly made us work. I'd proudly hang either of these photos on my wall.

By daredevil229
A photo like this is really about having a great eye and knowing how to capture it.
So well done!

By nonspleen
The composition is just perfect. Crips butterfly and soft, leafy bokeh. Yum! 
Awesome job!

But there can only be one winner. This photo really wowed us and the photographer should be truly proud.

So without further ado...
Drum roll please....


The winner of the Raw Photos: Springtime Contest is....

By Shnerfle
Spring Business
It's exquisite. The light is ethereal and the composition just lovely. 
The dof is perfect and the bokeh yummy. Plus I just love that little bee.

Congratulations, Shnerfle! You're a Raw Photo Maven!
 raw photo maven
Contact awesomecrazylady at gmail dot com to collect your badge.

Don't put away your cameras just yet!

The next contest opens in late June. 

Theme: People
Get creative. 
Maybe it's your family or people on the street or shadows of people or even toys. 
You decide and bring your best work!

Good luck!

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