Sunday, September 12, 2010

Love Song Sunday: Andrea

Is it possible to die of a sore throat? I'm pretty sure it is. Yes, I'm sick. Blech. And dying probably. In lieu of flowers, send cash.

Anywayyyy, because I'm all misery and fuzz in my heads (not a typo), I didn't work too hard to pick a song this Sunday. Luckily for me, a friend totes did it for me. Huzzah! 

The other day, the lovely Morgan said to me: "Have you ever heard Joe Purdy's song, "Andrea"? Go listen. And love."

And I did. Then I said: "Love. I always wanted a guy to write me a song."

To which she replied: "Marry him. I A) Don't know how old he is or, B) If he's even still alive (you know how these musician types are with life expectancy). But marry him anyway."

And you know what, Internet? She was right. This song is delicious, even more so because he's singing to me. To ME! (For the new kids, my name is Andrea. Often referred to as Andy.)

Sorry it's only audio, but the live video sounded craptastic. 
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