Friday, September 3, 2010

flotsam supplier

Of all the days to leave my camera at home.

Seriously, people. I ALWAYS have my camera. I would weld it to my hand if I didn't think it would interfere with bathing or eating or my sex life. Well, that could possibly enhance my sex life ifyouknowhatI'msayin'.


I left my camera at home today. For no good reason other than I did. And of course the MOST camera-licious opportunity presented itself.

So many of you, I'm sure, read this ever so brilliant blog Cake Wrecks. If you don't, go check it out. It will help the story.

Today, as my best friend and I searched for candles for my birthday cupcakes, we visited the cake wrecks supply store. Where cake decorations and plastic flotsam from the seventies go to die.


Oh the monumental fail. Because it was flotsam heaven.

The little deer. The donkeys with broken legs. The tiny guns. The many, many sugar flowers that didn't even look like their real floral counterparts. The plastic Cro-Magnon athletes. The fugly bridesmaids. The spinster bride toppers (incidentally, the other bride toppers sans grooms were all Latin or maybe African American?). The giant half-naked man with poorly painted-on red speedo. The plastic foliage.

It was glorious. Awfully glorious.

And I didn't have my camera.

Never again will I forget.

Anyone know how to weld?

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Suniverse said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Bummer! It always seems like I never have my camera with me when I need it. I am having a good time imagining the flotsam, though.

Andygirl said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

right? ugg. I may have to go back.

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