Sunday, January 17, 2010

her bags are packed

Oh I've been so lazy about posting, Internet. There is so much going on that it probably would have been smart to download it all at the end of each day, but I let myself get lazy. And then I worked all day Saturday, which wasn't bad because the people I work with can be pretty awesome. But I was still too tired and lazy afterward to write.

So I settled into a nice evening of Cheez-Its and Chuck and then Love Interest called and we talked for so long. So long, in fact, that the end of our conversation was spent a little dreamily on my end. Which, to be sure, was awesome. I tell you, I have never had such great phone conversations, ever. I am so totally in trouble with this one. When we hung up, I went right to sleep and had fantastical dreams. Can't complain about that one bit.

But I'm sure you're feeling a little neglected, Internet. I should share with you more. I'll try to do better, je promet.

And I should tell you that 2010 has been kickass so far! Seriously, I've been charging through my days on such a high. It's so exciting. It's so fucking exciting! D'you hear me? So. Fucking. Exciting. I swear to all things unholy.

And since I finally talked to my boss about it on Friday, I might as well tell you that I'm trying to move to Portland. I'm in a lease through May and I have a huge project at work that I'm leading that I need to complete (the goal being in May), but Boss and I discussed that I'd like to relocate my behind to the rainy place that beckons to me like cheese beckons to the French. Okay, that was a bad simile, but you get the point. So get over it.

Boss said that he'd help me with references, etc. So at this point, the only thing holding me back after my lease is up is a job. I've got to find a job. And let's face it, my current job is so perfectly suited to me. If I weren't moving, I wouldn't leave. So I want to find something similar if at all possible. I have a few leads right now and spent a good two hours today updating my resume, writing cover letters, and applying to jobs. Wish me luck!

I talked about this with Morgan the other day and I have to say that, while I am not made of stone and I am certainly capable of neuroses and fears (as you well know), I am not scared at all. I know this is the right thing for me. It just feels right. I am following my instincts for once and I don't think they'll let me down. I feel confident down to my toes.

First and foremost, I'm moving for me. I want to be in a place that suits me and Portland, I believe, does. If I hate it, I'll eat my words, but I doubt I will. Also, my best friend is there. She and I haven't lived in the same state for almost 12 years. 12 YEARS! It would be awesome to be near her, to drop by her house after a bad day, to share meals and laughter in person. I'm getting goose bumps just thinking about it! And I know that Morgan and her squeeze want to end up there as well. Now, if only I could get my other friends to move there, life would be perfect, right? And then there's Love Interest. He's there and while I wouldn't say I'm moving for him (see above reasons), he's an incentive. A really delicious incentive. He knows that, Internet. I told him.

With all that said, in Hypothetical Land, if the circumstances were completely different, I would move for a great guy. I would. The cynical feminist inside is cackling at me right now, straight mocking me and my idealism. But barring moving to somewhere awful, the right guy is worth it. And I've now sat at my computer for the last 10 minutes thinking of ways to expand on that, but I can't or shouldn't. You either believe that or you don't and nothing I say will change that. I know what I feel is important to me and that's all I need to worry about, really.

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