Sunday, January 24, 2010

Being Political Now

Warning: I am in a little bit of a "mood." You might be offended. If your fragile ego can't take a little political ranting, then you would be advised to read another blog, perhaps one about babies. Or unicorn poop. If you keep reading and are still offended, too damn bad. Get your own blog. This one is mine.

So Haiti. What has happened in Haiti is awful. And I'd hope that Californians wake up and realize that if a 7 point something earthquake hit here, we'd be on our own and preparedness is the only way to survive. But I have resisted discussing the tragedy there because I didn't think I needed to. Most people care, I think, and give what they can in the face of utter destruction. At least, they are beginning to. And I didn't think it my place to climb on my soapbox and fundraise or whatever. This blog is typically a "me" show. I thought I'd keep it that way.

BUUUT, now I have something to say. Two major points, actually, if you'll indulge me, Internet, for just a bit.

I stumbled across a Facebook discussion on a friend's wall today. And no offense to this friend (I do think his heart is in the right place, even if we disagree), but I think this echoes the larger misconception. This discussion circled around the idea that America suffers enough with homelessness and hunger and disease that we should fix our own problems before we help Haiti, that why do the stars come out of the woodwork now when so many people need help in our own country at home? And I think that argument is valid to an extent (even if my friend didn't phrase it in the most sensitive way). I am the first to shout about the lack of caring in New Orleans even 5 years later. I am the first to complain about the sorry state this nation is in, despite being the richest nation in the world.

But that doesn't mean that in the face total destruction and devastation, we sit back and do nothing on the basis of some kind of selfish principle. We don't say that because we've fucked up NOLA, we say "fuck Haiti" too (which one girl actually wrote). That just seems so naive to me. Haiti needs help NOW. We can afford it. They don't need bodies right now. They don't need volunteers. They need funds. And WE CAN AFFORD IT! $5 a person would help get food and supplies to the starving and injured. We spend more on our morning coffee and we're supposed to say that because no one gives to America's homeless we shouldn't give that little bit to another nation?

Right. Instead, just go buy another coffee. Then all the homeless around the globe will be starving equally. Mustn't give if you can't give to all, right? Foolish.

But isn't this a good place to start? Give to Haiti now (and Bee Tee Doubleyou, if you don't earmark your ARC donation for Haiti, they can use it for anything, even domestically. I know, I used to work with the Red Cross) and then give to your local homeless shelter tomorrow. Spend a day at a food bank. Take a week and build homes with Habitat for Humanity. And if the celebs are coming out now to give, don't let them stop! Use this momentum to keep our royalty giving. Pressure them with social media. Trust me, they'll want the good press.

Instead of bitching about what Americans do for others and not their own, get off your rich American asses and do something about it! And yes, you're rich. I don't care how poor you are (and I've been pretty damn poor), you're still 100 times more wealthy than the average Haitian. Do you have access to clean water? Well then you're a millionaire. Can you afford to eat (and not everyone can)? Cut your meal portions in half. Take the money you saved and give it to a good organization. Don't disparage those for doing good if you don't do something your damnself!

Aaaaaaaand now on to my second point.

Pat Robertson, you should burn in hell. There is so much I'd like to say to this man. But mostly I'd like to hit him in the face with his own Bible. To claim that Haitians have brought this on themselves because of a pact with the devil to drive out the French is disgusting, asinine, and completely specious.

*breathes in deeply*

First of all, soooo we're then saying that the French colonizers were so much more holy than the Haitians who revolted to claim their island back? Is that right, Pat? Slavery is more Christian then? Riiiiight.

And for that matter, even though 80% of contemporary Haitians are Roman Catholic (still going to hell in Pat's eyes) and don't actually practice Voodoo (which, for the record, has nothing to do with devil worship), this earthquake has been coming to them for what, two centuries? God likes the tension to build, does he?

And even if you buy the argument that voodoo is evil and the Bible is true and the Christian God is all powerful, doesn't Pat's argument lose water if you actually READ the Bible? Because I'm pretty sure there's a second half to that puppy. Pretty sure that whole part that makes Christians Christians, you know, the whole CHRIST part, the whole crucifixion, die for your sins part? That whole second half pretty much did away with the whole wrath of God thing, the whole fire and brimstone thing. Negated. That homeboy Jesus supposedly died a most horrible death so that the big Man wouldn't destroy cities or flood the earth anymore. AND wasn't there this little part where that Jesus dude talked about loving one another or something? Something like that. I wouldn't know. I'm a lowly heathen.

That is, if you buy that.

Which is where I'm a little confused, Pat. I thought (stop me if I'm wrong here) that you are a Christian Evangelist? Aren't folks like you always talking about the Bible? Or are you onto just writing your own scripture now? Hrm. You may be right. The Bible is a little old and tired. Ancient text and all. How about we just make up the rules as we go? All bad things happen to evil people and only good things happen to the righteous. Make a deal with the devil in the 19th century and have your nation destroyed 200 years later. AIDS is the pox of homosexuality. And if you have sex, you will get pregnant, and die.

I swear you can't make this shit up! And I'm not even a Christian. But at least I've read the Bible. I'm sure that's more than most "Christians" can say.

So what have we learned today, kids? First of all, before you bitch about the state of the world or your country, do something about it. Second of all, before you open your mouth, do a little reading in your subject matter first. Third, don't be a douche. Fourth, if you are a douche, I will punch you in the mouth.

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TheTraveler said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Your are a Goddess among Men and Ye speak the truth so loud, I hear it in my bones!

And not that I need to prove myself worthy, but I donated the very first day, before our government set up programs, before the word "telethon" crossed famous lips, before the dust had fully settled on devastated streets.

Lynnette said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I think you must be mistaken, because from what I've heard I'm still going to hell because the whole dying for your sins thing is only for those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, all others are still screwed. At least that's my impression when talking to Christians

Andygirl said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

OH I see. so fire and brimstone for the rest of us. got it.

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