Thursday, January 28, 2010

End of a Kite

Well, Internet, I just learned that my Uncle Roger died this morning. My dad's brother. Of cancer of course. The big C. And we knew he was sick. He's been struggling for a while and went into the hospital this weekend without much hope I guess.

I didn't know Roger that well. He's lived in Montana my whole life and so sometimes I'd see him and my Aunt Cheerie on the occasional Christmas eve when they could fly out. I even think the last time I saw my uncle was 11 or so years ago when my grandma died. But at least my memories of him are good. Can't say that about all of my dad's family. And my dad seems to be doing well, but I know that's bravado.

I know my dad's big brother picked on him, but my dad has been closet smoking since he was like 12, just like his big brother, so it's got to be sobering.

Anyhow. Roger didn't even want a service at all so I guess his Montana family is scattering his ashes this weekend. I guess I respect that. He was a quiet, private kind of guy so I can't imagine his death being any different.

My dad's family is such an enigma to me. Strange. So much I could say that would paint them in a box. But impossible to nail down their real essences.

Well, enough of that.

Here's a song that touches my soul:

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