Tuesday, January 19, 2010

But Wait!

Well, I guess I could only ride the high for so long, Internet. I have had a craptastic day. And on my day off no less. I truly expected today to be a lazy, breezy day, but noooo. No. Instead it was one of those days when every tiny thing goes wrong.

It started harmlessly enough. I had today off because I worked Saturday so I planned on sleeping in. Until I woke up at 7 am, that is. Now, to be fair, that IS sleeping in an extra hour than usual on a workday. But today was not a workday. Today was my day off. And I was up. At 7. Damn it. So maybe I started the day slightly cranky.

Second major annoyance: I spotted a kickass job online that I would be suited for, spent a good half an hour filling out the online applications, then the company's server decided to flip out and erase everything I'd written. Fucking fuck fuck.

And for those of you who don't live in Southern California, we've been having stormy weather all week. That, I should tell you, is a good thing in my book. I like thunderstorms and rain and cold. Yesterday the power went out at work, which was a total trip. And today was even stormier. We had hail and lighting and all around fun. Until water began gushing in my front door, that is. And for a little perspective, I am totally traumatized by flooding because my parents' house seriously flooded my senior year of high school (anyone remember El Nino?) and we were all homeless for like a month. So I do not like flooding. Luckily, the storm abated a bit and I was able to sop most of it up with all the towels I own and mop up most of the rest. A bit of my carpet is still pretty saturated though and I have a pathetically small fan doing its darndest to dry that out. Lame.

Which brings me back to the power outage yesterday. I had thought my house was spared, but I must have had a surge apparently. Because one of the plugs in my bathroom has ceased to work (I discovered today) and the breakers in my house are all fine. I have yet to find a moment to call the landlord about that. But, the surge must have fried my cellphone charger. It charges no longer. That's okay, though, I thought, because I have a car charger. So I had a dentist appointment today at 3:30 (which I barely made because of the flooding) so I'd charge my phone in the car and run by Target to get a new house charger.

But wait!. (hey, at least the dentist's appointment went well) The adapter that lets me charge in said car charger is completely MIA (I now have looked EV ER EY WHERE!). But, it's okay. *breathing deeply* There's still Target. After my appointment, I went to Target.

But wait! Target didn't have shit in stock. They did have a USB charger with adapters for phones, so I grabbed that and went home. I should also mention at this point that because of the madness of the day, I hadn't eaten since breakfast. And I can't go that long without eating. But there it is. A cranky, frazzly me low on sugar and short on patience. Winning combo right there.

But wait! The Target adapters don't fit my phone (even though the package said one would). That was about when obscenities flew into the air like an aria written by a pirate. It was beautiful. But I knew my phone would die within a few hours, so I went to the AT&T store. Where it was insanely packed. What, did everyone's chargers die yesterday? So I waited a half an hour (sans sustenance) for some jackass to grab me a charger.

But wait! My phone is apparently so insanely old (what, 2 years?) that they don't make my charger anymore. BUT, they do make adapters and I have that USB thing I bought and my car charger still. Done. We made sure the adapter fit my phone, I bought that shit, and left.

First things first, I ate like I'd just climbed Kilimanjaro and then went to plug in my phone. MOTHERFUCKER! The adapter doesn't match any of my charger devices. So, I am where I started. I have no charger, a few hours left on my phone (and my phone is my alarm clock), and about the patience to deal with this one more second. I think I may just let my phone die. What the hell? It may make things easier, that's for damn sure.

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