Sunday, January 8, 2012

one eighty

I wasn't gonna write this week because I had kind of a crummy week and didn't really feel like I had anything to share. Nothing dramatic. I just either got a touch of some flu or some rogue gluten made its way into my food stuffs. I wasn't super sick either, not laid up in bed or camped out on the bathroom floor. No, I was just sick enough to feel constantly uncomfortable which made me feel increasingly cranky as the week went on. And add to that, I had an inordinate shit ton of stuff to do and because of the discomfort and the crankiness, I felt like I wasn't accomplishing any of it anywhere near my normal level and the shit kept piling on. Yeah, so crummy.

Someone I know who will remain nameless said to me, "What's wrong? You're not normally this bitchy." To which I really wanted to say, Go fuck yourself. I'm entitled to be cranky for once, but instead said, "Sorry, just feeling crummy." 

But then I started feeling better by Friday night, which I spent with my best friend. Have I mentioned in the last five minutes how awesome she is? We went out to dinner and to this art opening for a girl I know and to which I was having total anxiety about going. But it was a lot of fun and I didn't run into the dreaded ex like I thought I might, so I'm really glad I went. I would really like to write at least one post that doesn't include him in some way, but I'll just say that part of my recovery has been completely avoiding him for a while and I'm glad my plan is still intact.

Though as a backup plan, I thought that if I did run into him and if he did say hi or anything, I'd just cock my head quizzically and after a few beats, say, "Mmmmm no."

Great plan right?

Hey, at least I still make me laugh.

There to the fore, Friday was a great start to an almost perfect weekend. I say almost because what is perfect anyway? But it was great anyhow. I slept for like 12 hours that night and laid in bed almost all day Saturday, just watching TV on my Mac and not thinking at all. Then I went over to some friends' house and watched the Saints game (way to geaux, Saints! who dat!). Afterwhich we migrated and I had just such an enjoyable evening of hanging with great people, tasting cider, and laughing.

And Sunday has been divine as well. It was lazy and easy and I got to do some shopping. Bee tee dubs? Love leaving the mall with 200 smackers worth of merch and not having spent a penny. Gift cards are an incredible invention. I had planned, however, on taking myself to the movies, but decided to come home and cuddle with my cat and write instead.

I will get to the movies this week though. This is something I'm going to do now, like a weekly date night with myself (did I already tell you about this?), some nice quality time with me. And, what can I say? I make a great date. Last weekend, I saw Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and it was fan bloody tastic. I've yet to decide what to see next, though I have a few on the list. Any suggestions are muy welcome.

I'm also looking foward to dinner this week with some lovely ladies who rock my world (hi, girlies!) as well as dinner with a long lost "aunt" (she's not really an aunt, more of one of my mom's best friend) who I haven't seen since I was a teen.

That's a cool story actually. So this aunt lived in Seattle the last time I saw her so I tried to look her up when I was going up for Christmas. But alas she's unlisted and I didn't find her. But last week, I got a letter in the mail from her wondering if I was the same Andrea she knew and telling me if so to text her.  I texted her and she's going to be in Portland some time this next week and we're gonna try to meet up. Can you believe it? What are the chances?

Life, she is a strange one.

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Unknown said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Life is a strange one indeed!

Glad you posted, looks like your life is getting interesting...!

Nubian said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Small world. Have a great visit with your Aunt. Loved what your response would have been to the ex, that made me laugh.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Sounds like a fabulous end to a not great week - thank goodness for great friends and lounging around!

alonewithcats said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Save the "Mmmm no" blow-off for later. It shouldn't go to waste. (And then tell us the story, natch.)

Youngman Brown said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Living alone in a beach town, I fear as if I have not been keeping up on the movie scene (I'm a very big movie buff, or used to be at least).

But I feel as if there is a stigma in going to the movies by oneself.

Get me thru this?

Suniverse said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I'm so glad your weekend went well.

I saw Young Adult and it was pretty good. Painful, but good.

And I love your response - Mmmm, no, is just perfect.


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