Saturday, February 27, 2010

hot pink nails

So I was sitting here, having a lovely Saturday all to my little lonesome, thinking to myself. Self, I thought, you should really write a new blog post. And so here we are.

I had a tough day at work yesterday so I went home last night and anesthetized with the one, the only, the original, the U.K., The Office. Which is now on Hulu. Thank you, Hulu gods! Seriously, peeps, if you don't find Ricky Gervais just completely brilliant, then you should get some professional help. And I don't mean therapy. I mean a lobotomy. Plus, I like to work the word "lobotomy" into a sentence whenever possible.

And I painted my nails hot pink. Because hot pink nails make everything better. Trust.

And today I was supposed to go whale watching with a bunch of other folks. It's a long story, which I'll probably tell, but this trip keeps getting canceled due to weather. And I was taking my dad who, for the last 22 years, has really wanted to see a whale. See, when I was in 2nd grade, my dad chaperoned a whale watching trip for my class. There were two buses (one with the kids and our teacher and one with the parents) and the parent bus broke down and my dad never got to see a whale. Sad right? But I couldn't make it up to him because the trip was again canceled. High winds, bad weather, and, OH YEAH, a tsunami advisory for Southern California.

Now, a tsunami never hit SoCal or Hawaii (thank pete), but the world is totally shaking apart! Haiti is still in shambles and Chile is rocked by an 8.8 earthquake. Eight point fucking eight. Do you know how big that is? The hardest I think I ever experienced was a 6.4 in Big Bear in 1992. And that bitch was scary as hell.

I'm sure that there will be ways for everyone to send aid to Chile soon. And if you donate to the ARC, don't earmark you donation. Let them decide how to use the funds.

And now I don't think I can leave you on such a low note. So, and not to undermine the gravity of the quake in Chile, here's something to laugh at. Because 30 Rock makes everything better. Even major disasters.

I think I can safely say that Kenneth is the best part of 30 Rock. And Dot Com. And Jackie Jormp-Jomp.

Speaking of ridiculous people, it's been raining and hailing like a mo fo all day (how a mo fo hails, I really can't say), which is kind of exciting. Especially since I don't have to be anywhere. So I've been enjoying my day in the company of myself. But I ran out of Cadbury Eggs (GASP!) so I, of course, had to go out and buy more at one of my favorite places: Target (cue: heavenly music). After I procured my chocolaty, creamy eggs of perfection, I tried to exit The Target (side note: isn't the English language sadly lacking in definite articles?), but my way was blocked by a horde of apparently terrified people, huddled together with their bags and carts and purchases just inside the door, frozen in fear of the rain. Of the rain. Of. the. rain.

They were scared of the rain! And it wasn't even hailing. Like, I could see avoiding hail, because that shit can hurt. But, it's just water. WA-TER. So of course I muscled my way through and was at my car in no time and on my way home. And I didn't even really get very wet. What is the big deal, Southern California? The clouds open up and you go into DEFCON 5? This is not on par with, say, nuclear holocaust or, oh I don't know, a major earthquake!

All I ask for is a little perspective. And hot pink nail polish.

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