Sunday, March 6, 2011

Raw Photos Contest: What Makes You Laugh

The beloved Raw Photos Contest is here again! Can you believe it?

Theme: What Makes You Laugh

This is completely open to interpretation, 
but remember that the judges will also be looking at photo quality. 
Bring your best work and make sure it's something that truly makes you laugh.

Once again, THE RULES (dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuun):
1. You have to have taken the photo [duh, don't be a jerk and enter someone else's photo. NOT COOL.]
2. The photo has to be a raw photo. What does that mean? That means NO PHOTOSHOPPING. You can screw around all you want with exposure and white balance on your camera, and we'll even let you crop the photo, but that's it. No changing hues. No intensifying colors. No adding aliens or unicorns. RAW PHOTOS, baby. That's what we're looking for. (Both digital and digital scans of film are okay)
3. You have one week to enter a photo. You can enter up to two [2] photos per contest.

Submission are now open! Submit here.
You have one week. Then we'll announce finalists and a winner. 

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